Pantech Noblesse, Luxury Phone at its Best

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If you look at the phone below long enough, you’ll notice that words etched on its surface are “Pantech Noblesse”. Google the device and you’ll find no trace of it… Why? Because it’s a concept, a fancy luxury one designed by Hyun Sung Lee and seen on Coroflot. Notice the nice use of metals on its surface and I can bet that we’re dealing with silver or maybe stainless steel.


I can’t quite make out the keypad sadly, due to all that glow and I can’t help wondering where the display is. The phone seems to be a slider so placing the keypad on top of the display makes no sense… Till we figure this out, let’s have a look at this nice phone cover below, I bet it’s made out of crocodile skin.


[via Coroflot]