Lenovo Concept Design, Inspired by the Ocean

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Want a fashion cameraphone that’s also ? Add a wavy design to that and we’ve got an inspirational device, designed by xin FAN and shown on Coroflot. It’s got a Lenovo branding on it and a slightly uncomfortable keypad, that’s also wavy.


All of these design waves are inspired by the Ocean, according to the creator of the handset, while the camera’s coloured lens is embedded in the white housing and looks like a crystal block. The concept phone seems to be using some sort of “raw material” keeping it really environmentally friendly by reducing pollution.

Back to the phone’s lens, it would be produced with the aid of IMD technology that involves the use of the GE special plastic and attached to the device together with the speaker decoration. They’ll be attached to the housing through a heating procedure. In case you’re good at such technical stuff, maybe you got the whole process. I know I didn’t…

[via Coroflot]