Rumen Penev Slider Phone, New Design

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Here’s another creation by Rumen Penev (Penev Studio Design), the Bulgarian designer that showed us that neat ladies phone and a couple of other interesting handsets. This time we’re dealing with a concept phone that packs a sliding numeric keypad, that looks a bit fragile.


The answer/reject call keys are fairly basic (Yes/No) and the screen of the device is pretty large. Could it be a touchscreen? Will the sliding part crack under pressure? What do you say?

[Thanks Rumen]

  • Littlewiiguy

    No offence to Rumen Penev but I just think his designs lack something. His woman’s phone does not seem ergonomic and I don’t think think he has given full thought to any of his designs as they are all slight variations of each other apart from the woman’s phone but I personally don’t see that design fitting in with anyones’s life style. If he were to give his phone designs a bit of thought on each one rather than deciding on the same shape for every one they might be good.