Russian Dual Display Phone Prototype Caught on Camera (Video)

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Prototypes are the next step, when it comes to phone concepts, so we’re pleased to have spotted a brand new handset, coming from Russia. Sadly, the device is a mere mockup for now, a prototype made of plastic with the picture of its UI slapped on top of the front screen. We’re dealing with dual display smartphone made by a company funded by the local government.

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev was caught on camera handling such a device, of course in prototype phase, as shown in the video below. The handset is a 4G phone, with Android on board, a front display and another screen at the back. Rumors say that one of the screens will use LCD technology, while the other one will be based on E Ink.

The device’s launch should take place in 2011 or so…


[via GSM Dome]