HTC Fusion, the Android Version of the HTC HD Pro Design

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Jason Wang, the man responsible with the beautiful HTC HD Pro concept has recently posted online an Android version of the device, that’s pretty sweet-looking. The device features a 3.7 inch touch display and it uses a bit of the HTC Desire/Nexus One form factor, combined with a resilient aluminum case (the one on HTC Legend).

The “core” of this concept is the glass strip at the back of the phone, used to allow the wireless radio to “breathe” inside the handset’s shell. Also, the glass section is a bit indented from the rest of the case, so scratching and cracking won’t happen, plus the grip will stay pretty good. The same section is an interesting way of embedding the camera and flash (and an elegant one).

Noise canceling microphones and the phone’s speakers are hidden in the groove around the glass area, a pretty original choice from the designer. Last, we learn that the glass and groove will allow the device too cool down, acting as cool veins and avoiding the overheating issues.

What do you say? Is this tiny departure from the classic HTC design a good idea? Here’s Jason Wang’s Deviantart account, for extra info. He also informed us that he’s working on a Sony Ericsson X5 Pureness successor or a “crazy concept for a phone 5 years from now”.

[via XDA Developers]