iHolo Futuristic Cellphone Relies on Holograms, Revolutionary UI

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It seems futuristic interfaces and cellphones are trendy this week, since we’ve just come across the iHolo concept, just after seeing a very interesting prototype that also involved a sci-fi UI. Created by Kingyo xie, the iHolo cellphone relies on holographic imaging for content display and interaction.

Touchscreen, infrared and Bluetooth are also featured and the device is able to project its menus on any flat surface and probably with a pretty good diagonal. iHolo supports HD video playback, dynamic screen adjustment and a flexible user interface. The gaming experience on this gizmo will be great, as shown by the screenshots below.

The thing is that I don’t think humans are ready to control a device just by moving their fingers through thin air and touching virtual buttons, but who knows, maybe it’ll come in more handy, as time goes by. Great concept!

[via The Design Blog]

  • Jack

    Now THIS is what I’m talking about, a vision for the future, I’m so sick and tired of hearing about Froyo 2.2 and Android trash for HTC Desire and Galaxy S, it’s dominated the news for the past 4-5 months, it’s not news or tech evolution.

    Today it is rightly about location based services, GPS and Augmented reality services, this will advance those three services by ten fold. This is what manufacturers should research to make possible, not upgrading bits of an OS that look like they need more polishing in the case of the very ugly Android OS, please just polish that POS already.

    One thing though, the face time call shows an obsolete piece of hardware junk with the woman sitting in her office, seeing as this type of concept phone tech won’t be available for at least 20 more years, that computer looks like it belongs in the 1990’s. Get with the times, woman!!

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