Sonos Play Home is the Reply to Apple HomePod, Based on Alexa

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Since Apple said the name Sonos a bunch of times when they launched the HomePod smart speaker, why not see if they can do better? Designers from Curved/Labs have envisioned the Sonos Play Home, a smart speaker with Alexa on board, capable of competing with the likes of Amazon Echo, Harman Kardon Invoke and Google Home.

Of course, it also takes on the Apple HomePod, while looking like a small vintage TV of sorts. This is a smart speaker based on Alexa and Sonos: Play Home has one big advantage: it comes with a battery and it’s truly portable. It’s got an integrated and large rechargeable battery, that can be powered by a regular 220V power supply. Wireless charging is also supported via docking station.

Another extra compared to the rivals is the presence of a pretty big touch display. Of course, there’s also the Amazon Echo Show, that has a similar feature. This speaker brings a retro design, with thick, black edges around the screen, but the pretty beefy body will also host a woofer and tweeter, surrounding the central operating element. Aside from the connectivity with smart home gadgets and Alexa controls, there’s also Sonos multi room functionality.

Two cameras for video calls are placed upfront and a carrying handle makes the gadget truly portable. No exact info on decibels, CPU or other such traits, so we’re just enjoying the design. You know what you be nice? Some cherry tree wood used for such speakers, but I’m not sure it can be pulled off. All in all a cool idea.

[via Curved/Labs]

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