TPM Cobalt Super Phone Teaser!

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We’ve just received news about a teaser for a brand new superphone, created by Imran Sheikh. The device is called TPM Cobalt and its teaser shots are pictured below, without revealing too much. The designer promised that this is not a mockup, it doesn’t belong to a company and it’s not an upgrade or modification to an existing design.

It’s an original idea/design, fully created by Imran Sheikh. I have to say I look forward to seeing that and now it’s time to speculate a bit on these shots. For some reason I think this is a tablet and I wonder what those little lights are, both on the side and on the lower area of the mystery gadget. Those at the bottom look like icons and seem to have different symbols etched on them, but none of them looks familiar. So, is this an Android tablet, maybe a MeeGo Nokia tablet?

Previously Imran created a Nokia tablet, so it may be another attempt at that… What do you think it is?

[via Imran Sheikh]

  • bloghunk

    third pic looks lik Some “Alien Device”… something that matches 2012… 😉

  • plethora

    So I just looked at this guy’s website ( Besides the obvious poor English, here is this guy’s “mission” statement:

    TPM is a company dedicated to future..
    the ambition of TPM is to make our Present look like the way it was imagined by our ancestor & Hollywood in the past flying cars, personal humanoid robots and all that..
    TPM feels that we are currently in some parallel timezone in which time & future is paused in some early 90′s and its not as it was supposed to by Current Time our purpose is to fill that gap between that time & technology.

    Sounds like a space-cadet. One reality check, to go, please.

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