Google Nexus Ultima is the Ultimate Android Phone, Made by LG, Samsung, HTC and Motorola

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Some people expect the next Nexus device to be a tablet, while others say that this fall we’ll see about 5 new Nexus phones from Google. Bob Freking took the idea further and imagined a smartphone created through the work of LG, HTC, Samsung and Motorola. Each one chipped in with a component or technology.

The result is the Google Nexus Ultima, a 5 inch handset with a 1080p resolution and RGB arrangement. This one can be done by LG and Samsung, while HTC will provide the 16 megapixel camera with ImageSense technology. The internals will be made by Motorola and the design is the work of HTC, according to Bob Freking. The display is based on Super AMOLED FHD+ technology and we’ve got another Samsung contribution here: the Exynos ARM15 processor. Google Nexus Ultima is imagined as running Android Jellybean or maybe Android Key Lime Pie?!

In case this looks familiar to you, you can see the original Google Nexus Ultima concept and compare the two in your mind. It would be interesting to see these companies working together and I only have one question: why was Sony ousted from this combo? Aren’t they able to bring something new to the ultimate Android phone? Also, what about ASUS?

[Thanks Bob Freking]

  • Rocky stancil

    If this is true I want it! Now! I’m so ready to upgrade my verizon original galaxy s (fascinate) but I want something way awesome! And to me quad core is what I need in my life! The 16 mega pixel camera is on time and I’m I’m waiting, for the goods! if I’m going to have a phone for two years I want the best of the best! And in two years I’ll do the same. Patience is a virtue!

  • Rocky stancil

    I could upgrade now, but the razor max is the best? Not interested in a duel core phone when quad core will be here this year. I’ve been eligible for upgrade for a month but I’m waiting for the good phones.

  • Anonymous

    Bob Freking, I hate to say it but your concepts are pointless. Anyone can quote likely specs, but what this website needs is more innovative concepts, like the samsung galaxy aurora one. Your designs aren’t even original, and the one where you supposedly took ideas from comments, you again quoted some obvious specs and linked it with a blacked out picture of that company’s flagship phone. Sorry, but this really needs to be done.

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  • I think the battery should be motorola front camera should be 2.5 or 3.2 megapixel camera 🙂 nice concept anyway.

  • Lester Nash

    O yes luv the new design current nexus user. Luved it since I had the nexus s now currently using the galaxy nexus. Luv the big beautiful screen and on screen keys. Hopefully the next nexus will have a better front camera and the back camera. Hope it will sync all of your things to the phone since it’s a real Google phone. Hope it comes with a lot of accessories for the phone and have like a ten inch tablet with a sick keyboard. Hopefully it will be 4G or better no matter what carrier you have.

  • Bob

    @Anonymous guy, I apologize if my concepts upset some people like you, but what I’m actually doing is just my ideas, rather, realistic ideas that is possibly achievable in the foreseeable future. As a mobile phone/tablet fan, my concepts are devices that I would actually want to hold and is possible to pull off — and I’m dreaming some companies would be inspired off it. 🙂

    I actually like the Galaxy Aurora’s design, but I do have to admit it is a fusion of a Lumia’s design and a Samsung. You know what they say, “Great artists steal.”

    I certainly did not just black out the flagship phones, I tried making them as characterized as possible and I’m sorry if those disappointed many.

    My apologies.
    -Bob Freking

  • Lester Nash

    Don’t get me wrong I like the concept pictures hopefully it is the next nexus

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  • Ale

    -5 inch display wouldn’t be bad if the phone don’t get much bigger and uses all space in the front.
    -The big problem is the batery. (a big reason to choose one or another)
    -Everyone gets obsessed with quad core. It is really neccesary to have it?
    -Every single phone should haver stock android and then have the choice to install or not like app the goodies? that manufacturers have to ofer.
    -The camera should improve the video fluidity and have sort of video stabilization.
    -notification led?
    -headphone, microUSB, at the bottom…
    -a sort of HDMI-pendrive to wirelessly showcast. intead of a dock.

    i don’t think any manufacturer it’s interested in making the perfect movile phone. It is not redituable for future devices.

  • Ale

    i think this design is Very cool. fresh

  • suchit

    When it is going to be released