Traccia Pen Phone Recognizes Hand Movements as Commands

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Designer Andrea Ponti is responsible with the original Traccia Phone, that looks like a pen and is shown in the following images. This device is held as a pen and it recognizes hand movements and turns them into commands and input. There’s an embedded optical sensor inside the handset, in case you’re wondering.

Said sensor behaves like an optical mouse laser and it’s located at the end of the “pen”, allowing it to detect what’s being written. Then all the info is converted into text, commands and functions with the aid of specialized software. Bottom line: you use the Traccia pen phone like a regular pen and write/draw invisible lines to control the handset.

There are also 3 buttons side buttons for navigation purposes and a camera at the center of the arc, under the display. Traccia is made of polycarbonate and it’s a pretty sexy piece of design overall.

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