Tron Phone Concept, Based on the Movie With the Same Name

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Raul Galindo has always liked the world of Tron and after seeing the movie with the same name, he created the Tron Phone. His idea is to create a digital world into a computer, but it was transformed into a phone this time.

The handset is 7mm thick, features a 4 inch touchscreen display (that’s crystal clear) and 3 buttons, that can be used to answer and end calls, plus access the menu. There’s also an optical trackpad on board, 2 cameras (front/rear) with dual Xenon flash, stereo speakers and a microSD slot. The screen on the smarphone uses a technology similar to AMOLED, according to Raul.

You can hear the radio on this handset without having to plug the earbuds, which is something I’ve been waiting for a while now. The edges of the buttons and the body of the handset glow, just like the objects in the movie. A pretty cool concept, especially for TRON fans.

[via Raul Galindo]