Two Smoking Barrels Cellphone Comes With Built-in Stylus and Bluetooth Headset

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We’ve seen a concept phone that includes a Bluetooth headset before, but the “Two Smoking Barrels” design manages to one-up the previous handset by also adding a built-in stylus on the features list. Imagine you’re in dire need of a pen, in order to jot things down, or that you keep losing your Bluetooth headset.

Two Smoking Barrels, designed by Zhongfang Lv comes with both accessories and the idea is so original, that we don’t even need to check out the phone.


The device also supports auto charging for the Bluetooth headset and its design looks like something Nokia would create, although its front keys are not very well defined. From what I can see, the phone’s not a slider, so it might be a touchscreen device with a 3.5 mm and probably a decent camera.


[via Coroflot]