Ubuntu Glass HUD Concept Rivals Google Glass UI

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Although this concept is about one year old, it’s still a good idea even today. I’m talking about Ubuntu for eye wear, that’s detailed in the image below. It’s created by Lorenzo Berkley and it’s a very nice idea for an UI.

Ubuntu hud for glass

The Unity Hud is supposed to be a system integrated application controller that involves a searchable menu context viewer and it’s paired with keyboard shortcuts. There’s voice control and desktop class functionality on phone and tablet applications. Hud Glass is an extension of the concept, that allows apps to run without a graphically intensive environment.

We will get an active voice controller for Ubuntu and the whole idea here is to create a software application concept for the moment when Ubuntu will run on Google Glass. I can’t exactly say I like the UI of Google Glass, even though it got some praise. There’s still work to be done and Ubunty may be the answer.

[via Lorenzo Berkley]

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