LG Announces Weirdest Phone Ever: LG Aka…

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LG did state that their latest endeavour is a concept phone, but it’s very far from what we expected. I wanted a LG G Flex 2 and instead I got the… LG Aka. This model is a mystery right now and it doesn’t have clear specs. All it has is a pair of eyes.

LG Aka

First I thought it was April’s Fools or something had happened with LG’s site and it had been hacked. Then, it turns out that this is a real phone, one that actually integrates eyesl reflecting your mood. LG Aka is a concept device that expresses emotions and these eyes are shown depending on how you use the phone and I mean alarms, apps, the music you have on it and things like that.

From what I can see moods include angry, crazy, dreamy and sensual. It would be creepy to see these eyes in a dark alley, but apparently LG thinks it’s cool. My only hope is that they didn’t dedicate too much battery power to the “eyes”… Hopefully they’re E Ink material or something. Also, in case it’s not clear, I don’t like the idea or the phone, not at all!

[via GSMDome]

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