Visual Sound Design, a Mobile Phone for Hearing Impaired Users

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Each time we spot a concept cellphone that addresses the needs of hearing or sight impaired people, we’re really impressed by the fact that not everyone is focused on high-end features, but also the disabilities of those less fortunate than us. Pratt student Suhyun Kim created the Visual Sound mobile phone, destined to reach the hands of hearing impaired uses.


The device is able to convert voice input to text and text input to voice. Visual Sound comes with two pillars that you’ll grab hold of and they’ll scroll sideways, revealing a roll-out display. We wonder if the screen is flexible and judging from the photo it seems to be, so this is a pretty innovative gadget.

Using this concept cellphone is fairly basic: you input text via the touchscreen display and it gets converted to voice, reaching the person at the other end of the line. Simply great!


[via Yanko Design]