Vivo APEX 2020 Concept Phone Announced: 60W Wireless Charging, Under Display Selfie Camera and More

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Not all the concept phones we cover remain renders and sci fi wet dreams. Some of them get announced by big companies, like the OnePlus Concept One or the Honor Magic Phone. Vivo actually has a series of concept phones called Vivo APEX. The latest such concept is the Vivo APEX 2020, which one would call over specced. We have details below.

Vivo APEX 2020 stands out via the ultra fast wireless charging at 60W, although some already fear overheating. As a quick recap, the APEX 2018 concept had an edge to edge screen and pop up selfie camera (before it was cool), while APEX 2019 got rid of all buttons and ports. Vivo APEX 2020 banks on the whole “selfie camera under display” trend, that Oppo toyed with last year. The 2020 concept phone packs a 6.45 inch screen, with an unusual curve of 120 degrees (left to right).

This is definitely larger than the 90 degree curve of the Vivo NEX 3 and Huawei Mate 30 Pro waterfall displays. There are no longer physical buttons here, replaced by virtual ones. Also, there’s no earpiece, replaced by Screen SoundCasting technology, which lets the screen become a speaker. The selfie camera is a 16 MP shooter hidden below the screen panel and it takes 4 MP shots with pixel binning. There’s no charging port, so that’s why wireless charging is the way to go.

At the back we find a dual camera, with a 48 MP main shooter with a gimbal-like mechanism. It offers a stabilization angle that’s 200% more stable than the traditional OIS. Another novelty is the periscope 16 MP camera with up to 7.5x optical zoom. There are 2 groups of fixed lenses and 2 groups of movable ones. It’s just a concept sadly, so it will never reach the stores, but it will serve to push technology forward. Expect to see a spinoff from it before the year is out.

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