Vodafone P9 Concept Phone Has a Solar Panel, Nice Looking Headphones

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We usually like to cover concept phones that belong to big brands, like LG, Samsung, Sony, Nokia and so forth. However, today we came across a device that’s branded Vodafone and it’s been imagined by Thamsanqa Nigel Ndlovu, a designer from Dubai.

He created a stylish device, the Vodafone P9 and accompanied it with a pair of badass headphones. The phone’s bottom part at the back is a solar panel from what I can see and it complements the gold colored top back part. We get a protruding dual camera and also a fingerprint scanner below it. This handset’s look and general feel reminds me of the days of the HTC Incredible that had the Beats branding somehow.

The bitonal back also feels like a Google Pixel a bit, while the camera setup and format are a tad reminiscent of the OnePlus. It’s clear that the device is mostly made of metal and I’m pretty curious about the output of the back side panel. Upfront we find a screen with curved edges and also very narrow bezels. It’s even got a narrow forehead and chin and I spot zero signs of earpiece or front camera, but they’re probably tucked away at the top.

I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that if HTC would make this phone, it would be great. The solar panel thing is also something well suited to this Elon Musk obsessed world.

[via Behance]

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