Woofer Phone is All About the Bass…

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Created by Dries de Kersgieter, the Woofer phone concept shown below is focused on a woofer experience on a smartphone. This concept is meant for sound lovers and it sacrifices aesthetics for exceptional music listening and bigger volumes.

woofer phone concept

The device’s back expands, creating more space for the sound and hugely increasing volume. It feels a bit like an accordion combined with a modern speaker of sorts. The device adopts an edge to edge screen, a pretty compact body, but also an expandable mid section possibly made of rubber, at least partially. The facade feels like an iPhone’s a bit, or maybe like the face of a new type of cool Chinese phone.

I’m talking about those cool Vivo phones, the LeTV models, or the upcoming Gionee and Ramos phones, all of them sexy edge to edge affairs with 2.5D glass. Notice how the volume buttons here have been borrowed from the iPhone 5. I have another idea: let’s make this a modular accessory and attach the “accordion” to any handset for a great woofer experience!

[via Behance]

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