Microsoft Lumia 940 Gets Fresh Render From Crowtor

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We see new phone launches left and right, especially new models coming from China, but Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to make a move just yet. We keep hearing about them launching new phones this summer… Well it’s officially summer, so it’s high time they launched a new Lumia. In the meantime, let’s see the Lumia 940 concept below.

Lumia 940 concept new june 2015 1

Created by Crowtor, this model is 8.5 mm in thickness, at least in the middle section, but it reaches 5 mm at the edges. The device has a screen ratio of 16:8.5 and the extra space is used for the notifications and status display, as well as for a more immersive experience in widescreen movies. The Lumia 940 shown here has a USB Type C connector and a nano SIM tray.

Lumia 940 concept new june 2015 2

The design is narrow and the back camera is shown as pretty much a blank, or maybe an area protected by glass. There’s a speaker at the bottom of the back and the typical Windows Phone capacitive buttons are here. Lumia 940 seems to have a metallic case, or at least the frame is metallic. We can’t read too much into these renders, so it’s all guess work.

I have to confirm this widescreen phone is indeed good for media consumption and its back camera area leads me to believe there will be a laser focus mechanism in there.

Lumia 940 concept new june 2015 3

Lumia 940 concept new june 2015 4

Lumia 940 concept new june 2015 5

Lumia 940 concept new june 2015 6

[via Crowtor]

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