ZTE Iceberg Goes Crazy With Two Notches, Transparent Corners

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ZTE is no stranger to prototype/concept phones, having come up with the ZTE Axon M last year, a foldable device. Now they one up the game, by unveiling a dual notch device, with a notch at the top and one at the bottom of the facade. Let’s see what the fuss is all about.

While some people are calling one notch ridiculous, ZTE wants to appease them with… two notches. There’s one on the “forehead” of the device, plus another one at the bottom. Also, you can see that the device has clear corners, transparent and made of glass. ZTE Iceberg is the name of the device and in the bottom notch it hosts the front facing speaker, while the top notch integrates the selfie camera, ambient light sensor and earpiece for phone calls.

The Iceberg also stands out via the raised edges of glass on each corner, which give it a more angular look compared to the typical smartphone. We’ve seen this approach back in the day of some experimental Nokia midrangers I think, or some older Sony Ericsson models. The device also has a dual back camera, back side fingerprint scanner and a special smart connector port, feeling a bit like the Motorola Moto Mods approach.

You can use that to attach a zoom camera or boombox speaker. On paper this device is coming next year, in reality, who knows? It may remain just a concept…

[via Winfuture]

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