iPhone X and iPhone X+ Get the RED Treatment

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Since the iPhone 8 received the RED treatment recently, it’s time for the iPhone X to get the same color hue. Till that happens, designer Concept Creator took the initiative upon himself and envisioned both the iPhone X and iPhone X+. Let’s check them out.

Obviously, the iPhone X+ doesn’t even exist yet, so it’s all fantasy. The device is basically a bigger iPhone X, perhaps also better specced. A 6.2 inch diagonal is likely. The same stainless steel frame and glass back are here. The red hue is applied on the frame, which somehow manages to look even glossier and the back side, which we already know is all glass now feels and looks metallic.

In the meantime I feel the need to remind you that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus go on sale in RED starting this Friday, on big US carriers. Apple doesn’t have an official iPhone X Product RED, but it does have a RED Folio Case for it. Compared to the last year RED, this time the iPhone 8 gets a black bezel upfront. Concept Creator has also kept a black “lip” all around the facade for that exact effect, fitting the back notch and easing the dip into redness.

Also for those of you not familiar with this, proceeds from the Product RED thingie go to a charitable cause.

[via Concept Creator]

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