ZTE Nubia Alpha is a Bracelet Phone Showcased at IFA 2018, Feeling Implausible (Video)

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ZTE’s brand Nubia brought a concept phone at IFA 2018 and even though they promise to launch a store version in a few months, I’m not very sure about it. It sure looks like a concept for now, one we’ve been seeing for a decade now: the bracelet phone.

It all started with the Nokia Morph in 2008 and then a few years ago Lenovo rediscovered it with another bracelet phone. It was a wrist handset, that would be wrapped onto the hand and unfolded into a tablet even. ZTE’s idea is simple, feeling like a combo of an elegant metal bracelet that flexes a lot and Apple Watch that has a front camera. The result is called ZTE Nubia Apha.

This wearable phone comes with the promise of a release during the next quarter. It’s got an OLED screen, a flexible body, 4G for sure and you can also install apps on it. There’s notifications and even a big camera upfront. Not a big fan of those visible screws though. The charging is done via cradle and from what I can see there’s also a button or two on the sides.

The implementation is slimmer and more elegant than most bracelet phones I’ve seen, but still not very commercially viable. I wouldn’t bet on it making to shops though. And if it does, the price is going to be high for sure. I’m curious about the material they used to make it.

[via Phone Arena]

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