RevOlve Kinetic Phone Makes You Spin, Spin, Spin…

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I’m the type of guy who spins his keychain on his finger when bored and I bet that some of you do too… How about generating some energy through this action? The idea comes into play with the RevOlve Kinetic Phone, that gets charged when you spin it around your finger using the hole it includes.

This is an eco-friendly device, that’s also ergonomic and gets dismantled without damaging Mother Nature. The shell and the parts of the handset can be recycled separately and we sure hope the designers though about the risk of dropping the phone when its spinning velocity increases… Wouldn’t want to hurt anyone, right?

Since we mentioned the designers, there’s a team behind this project, with the following members: Da Deng, Chandra Baker, Chris Platt, Jason Schuler. Will kinetic phones rule our future?

[via Tuvie]