Viber Burst Concept Charger Relies on Kinetic Energy to Recharge Your Cellphone

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Viber Burst is a great idea, a concept charger created by Josh Pell, a designer at Swinburne University, who imagined a brand new way of recharging handsets. The charger relies on kinetic energy, that it gets from simple movements and harnesses it for later use.


The concept charger stores the energy it gets in your bag, on your hand or in your shoes and it can transfer all of it to your phone in just two seconds, completely recharging it. Viber Burst is made out of heat and weather resistant materials (PC/ABS), that can also take mechanical and electrical shocks.

You’ll find the charger’s main components on a flexible PCB and you’ll be able to install the device in any place that’s subject to intense motion, in order to get kinetic energy. This gadget takes eco-friendliness to a new level and it’s a wonder it’s not commercially available yet.




[via ecofriend]