Nokia Ink 01, an Eco Friendly Concept Phone Made from Recycled Aluminium

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Nokia’s more eco friendly than ever and this trend is also followed by designers who like to create concept phones bearing the Finnish company’s brand. This is also the case of Luis Barceló, the creator of Nokia Ink 01, a very neat phone pictured below.


Nokia Ink 01 is made from recycled aluminium, it packs an ultra low power E-ink display and it’s very easy to disassemble. The percentage of recyclable materials in it is pretty high, as it aims to protect the environment and we all know that aluminium can be recycled almost endlessly. Instead of the standard mechanical keys, Nokia Ink 01 comes with a capacitive sensor, so there are less separate parts to use.

There’s also a mini OLED display on board, allowing the users to view the photographs they take with the aid of the incorporated camera. The handset uses a silver-zinc battery, instead of the Li-Ion standard unit, and this type of battery is 95% recyclable and it generates 40% more energy density.



[via ecofriend]