Apollo 1 Concept Smartphone is Made of Wood, Has a Slight Jukebox Vibe to It

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Finally, a break from all those iPhone concepts! Today we’ve come across the Apollo 1 smartphone, a device made of wood and sporting an unusual design format. The creation of Varnicic Branislav, this unusual handset is shown below.

It’s a classic case of a natural design, with wood combined with metal and modern specs. With a rounded bottom area, the format of this phone brings me back to 2010 and the LG Optimus 7. It also feels a bit like a jukebox, or a more rounded Zune of sorts. The rounded bottom is no accident, as it helps with ergonomics and also has a semicircular UI tied to it, making navigation more natural.

Luxury metal finishes are included, with versions of gold and blue available here. The back side feels like a Vertu and the stainless steel or aluminum look quite great there. It’s a pretty polished piece of work, but I still say it feels like an MP3 or MP4 player. My only objections would be protruding camera and maybe the big waistline of the handset.

If you’re looking for wooden phones, OnePlus has some with that type of finish.

[via Yanko Design]

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