Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rendered and Modelled by Ivo Maric and Concept Creator (Video)

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Missed the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 concepts? Well, the device has been rendered below, in both shots and a video and it’s a gorgeous extension of the Galaxy S8. The handset keeps the curved screen corners and edges, but it also gets a dual back camera.

This time the diagonal reaches 6.4 inch and it keeps the Infinity Display concept of the Galaxy S8. For a Note, this is a pretty narrow model and somehow the stylus also found a slot on the right side. I see that the virtual buttons are kept from the S8 and Bixby’s button is also present. I haven’t figured out if the back side is covered with glass or some other material, but it’s most likely glass.

There’s a dual back camera here, that doesn’t protrude and this time the fingerprint scanner has been smartly placed below the camera. The speaker integration is interesting, since there’s both a bottom side speaker and a speaker right below the screen, which feels a bit like a redundancy. To have true stereophony, there should be a speaker at the top too.

If you want to compare this Galaxy Note 8 to the Galaxy S8, well I find it to be a bit more rectangular and mature looking. This actually feels like the older Galaxy S and Galaxy Note concepts from back in the day of the wider Galaxy Note 2 and 3, when people wanted narrower devices.

[via Concept Creator/ Ivo Maric]

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