iPhone 8 Render Has Been Finalized by Concept Creator, Red Edges Look Hot (Video)

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Remember the teaser from the other day? It was Concept Creator’s latest iPhone 8 render, that has been finalized following that teaser. The result is a surprisingly detailed video below and a brand new intro from the designer.

The device is here in all its splendor with chromed edges (or what appear to be chromed edges) and a very shiny look for the case. Even the designer claims we’re dealing with metal, with a chrome effect. The back is covered with glass and an interesting tweak is the placement of the fingerprint scanner within the Power button. I bet that Sony will have something to say about that.

Although those Platinum Xperias with the mirror like finish looked badass, my objection about a glossy approach like this is that such a phone would be blinding on a sunny day. The red version is quite charming, I have to say and the Home button seems to be a virtual one. Just like the latest leaks and renders, the dual camera at the back has a vertical orientation.

Great sleekness!

[via Concept Creator]

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