Latest iPhone 8 Leaks Turned Into a Teaser by Concept Creator (Video)

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I’m sure you’ve seen the mountain of leaks surrounding the iPhone 8/iPhone X/iPhone Edition lately, which gives designers a lot of fuel to burn. Inspired by the leaks they’re producing more concepts than ever, some of them amazing looking. Designer Concept Creator has a vision of his own, for now teased below.

You know the drill: dual back camera with vertical module and the flash between the sensors, no Home button and slightly curved edges. We can also see two speaker grilles at the bottom and in general a very shiny case. The back is so shiny, that it’s clearly covered with glass. I’m loving the general gloss of the machine and the button integration, as far as this trailer goes.

It’s interesting to me that Apple would go back to a glass back, since they don’t like to go back to older approaches and prefer keeping the modern ones. Having a glass back also doubles the risk of having your phone crack when dropped, compared to a metal body, unless they’re using a special type of glass this time around. We’ll see how the final iPhone 8 concept pans out in a couple of days, since Concept Creator usually does a fine job.

He did one with Nokia 9 recently, by the way.

[via Concept Creator]

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