Aston Martin Smartphone is All Glass and Metal

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Paul Stet, a designer from Romania imagined the Aston Martin smartphone, a flat and thin device with a soft round surface and an aerodynamic shell. This handset combines the plastic, metal and glass perfectly, for a product that owners of the Aston Martin supercars would buy.

The Aston Martin concept phone involves a metallic finish and transparent acrylic block, that give the device a modern and elegant look. The lower side of the phone, the glass one with Aston Martin logo on it is exquisite and totally posh, if you ask me. Also, the upper part of the phone looks like the front of a very potent car. I can’t really make up what UI and OS are shown on that screen. I guess it could be Android in a customized version, maybe something similar to the black and white UI from the LG Prada Phone 3.0.

There’s also a camera at the back, very closely integrated with the speaker grille, but apparently lacking a flash. From what I can see the lower glassy part of the smartphone is transparent, reminding me of the Sony Xperia S a bit, but hopefully, this model doesn’t bring the confusion-inducing capacitive buttons as well. Kudos to Paul for the extreme attention to detail on this project!

[via Behance]