Commodore 64 Smartphone Concept Take Us Back to Gaming Roots

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All of you PS4 and Xbox One gamers must remember that sometime in the remote past, in the early days of gaming a Commodore 64 and Amiga was just as good as the new consoles. There are a lot of tributes paid to these older gaming devices, including the one below, the Commodore 64 phone concept.

Commodore 64 phone concept 1

This smartphone runs Android and it was envisioned by the folks of Giving Shape. 8 bit music and graphics, plus the good old days of gaming inspired the creation of this phone. The phone has lines that become fading dots, hidden capacitive buttons and a mouse shaped back. I guess the top part may as well be a huge speaker, the one at the front.

Commodore 64 phone concept 2

The handset looks very hip and posh, with a rounded lower area and straight edges. There are even more dots at the bottom, which is another good location to place a speaker or two. Android Lollipop is on board and since this is a Commodore phone after all, let’s get some old school games on it…

Commodore 64 phone concept 3

Commodore 64 phone concept 4

Commodore 64 phone concept 5

Commodore 64 phone concept 6

[via givingshape]

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