Surface Phone Windows 10 Version Rendered by Nadir Aslam

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It’s been a while since we last saw a Microsoft Surface Phone concept, let alone one with Windows 10 on board. Well, Nadir Aslam has designed one and you can check out his work below. The 3D models have been made by Eugen Janke.

Surface Phone Windows 10 concept 1

This Surface Phone is actually a 5.7 inch Full HD phablet with a Surface Pen in the mix and a Touch Cover accessory. It comes with preinstalled Office, Skype and all the latest Windows 10 goodies, including transparent tiles. The device uses VaporMg, a strong and light magnesium alloy, just like the Surface tablets. As you can see, the edges of the Windows 10 Surface Phone are sloped in a very gentle way.

Surface Phone Windows 10 concept 2

There’s even the trademark kickstand of the Surface tablets included here, allowing for either portrait or landscape use. Note taking, Office editing, everything is easier with this device, that comes with LTE, Bluetooth and NFC, plus a micro HDMI connection, so you can connect to bigger screens. The Surface Phone can become a full fledged PC once connected to a monitor, giving you the desktop Windows 10 experience and running all modern apps thanks to the powerful Intel CPU inside.

I say this is great work! Don’t you agree? You can see more pictures of the concept on Behance.

[via Behance]

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    Im amazed

  • Abel Mesa

    FANTASTIC .. .

  • Joeleo1937

    That’s one beautiful windows phone. Unfortunately for me it’s to small to be a phablet, should be 6.+ inches, and to big for my taste in phones. Should be 5 inches. Otherwise it looks fantastic.

  • Levi Gonzales

    I love the concept of a surface phablet. I believe a 5.7 inch screen is perfect size.any bigger and it would be more of a tablet than a phone.Any smaller, it wouldn’t be a tablet. It’s a fine line between a phone size and a tablet size. 5.7 up to 5.9, in my opinion is the phablet spectrum. Any smaller or bigger,it’s no longer a phablet.

  • Luckus

    The design is sound and having the pen integrated is a awesome concept. This would be a golden flagship for Microsoft and windows 10.

  • rob l

    this concept by Nadir Aslam with the 5.7 inch screen built in stylus and keyboard should give the samsung galaxy note line serious competition especialy if they throw in intel chips with real sense camera technology just imagine how awesome onenote would be with that stylus or how much easier would be to use word or excel with the keyboard instead of having half the screen taken up by the on screen keyboard and 5.7 inch screen is about the perfect size although this would obviously be a high end phone with windows 10 and all the extra accessories I belive it would be worth the price and the perfect windows companion to someone looking all in on windows 10 which I do Microsoft it would be really awesome if you built this phone and got it offered on all carriers