Flex Mobile, a Flexible Phone That Becomes a Bracelet, Some Other Wearable Piece of Gear

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Ladies will be pleased to know that there’s a flexible phone around ready to be worn as a fashion accessory. We’re talking about the Flex Mobile concept, created by Carolina Rebelo and having the ability to flex according to your needs and wishes, thus becoming  a bracelet, for example.

The handset charges using solar energy and you have to know that the Flex Mobile is covered with solar coating, for this purpose. You only need to place it in direct sunlight and in 5 hours it will get all the needed juice to operate. As far as bending the device is concerned, this flexible phone can bend to an angle of 30 degrees.

There’s also a camera on board, believe it or not and the LED screen is flexible, too. Sleek and modern, for modern women!

[via Designbuzz]