Morning Dew Phone Has Exquisite Industrial Design, Beautiful Idea for a Charger

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I suggest you put aside hardware and specs for this beautiful industrial design… this time it’s all about beauty and the way we incorporate nature into technology. Seunghan Song envisioned a device called Morning Dew Mobile, a mobile phone concept that’s more of a piece of art than a regular smartphone.

Well, for one thing we have a device that’s all rounded up, like a modern MP3 player would be. It’s a slide device with a circular control area that reminds me of the iPod a little bit, plus some very cool lighting effects. This handset has gradation of lights, that are made to look like waves of water when you look at the phone from above. When you slide up the device, the light effects move from the circular navigation area to the end of the numeric pad.

This would make a great fashion phone and if you throw in some environmentally friendly features, you’re all set. And then there’s the charger… a pink arc that allows the handset slide down on its surface like a drop of water on a petal, leaf or grass. As the device gets closer to the edge it becomes more and more charged, like the dew does in the morning with petals. What do you say of Seunghan Song’s work?

[via Yanko Design]