Omega Phone Features Beautifully Curved Display, Adopts Clean Design

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We’ve come across a new concept phone, one called Omega, but it’s not related to the watch brand. The project is made for Darstellungsart in Germany and we’re dealing with a smartphone that has an edge to edge display, that’s curved around the edges.


The concept was developed in a short amount of time, apparently and it’s inspired by Dieter Rams products like Braun SK 61. The key is a simple design and Omega has a metal body, a slim one that’s pretty flat all the way around, plus interesting wooden-looking top and bottom bits. We also seem to be getting dual front side speakers and a fingerprint scanner integrated at the back, below the main camera.


Somehow I’d see Nokia making this when they come back to life, or maybe OnePlus in a future iteration. Usually nowadays we see phones with curved screen panels and also curved body edges, but this one keeps the sides flat, so that’s interesting. I don’t see any slot cutouts here, but I suppose they’re hidden on the sides… maybe.  So, we’ve got metal, curved glass and wood. Ikea phone, anyone?




[via Behance]

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