Fujitsu Concept Phones Part 4: Looks Like a Motorola Aura and Sailor Moon Gear

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CEATEC 2009 must’ve been a pretty cool tech show, considering that Fujitsu showcased neat concept phones like the ones we’ve been showing you the past week. The fourth of this series is the device below, a piece of equipment that would certainly look cool in the Sailor Moon universe.


This seems to be a luxurious Fujitsu phone, with a circular display, probably a touchscreen one, that shows the main items in a way that reminds me of zodiac signs or simply a cooler watch.  There’s also a circular physical numeric pad to use, beneath the screen, plus a couple of other regular keys, like call, end call, an On/Off button and two more mystery buttons.

It’s pretty interesting to see that the date on-screen is 2011, so could this mean that this is the luxury phone of two years from now?



[via Akihabaranews]