Fujitsu Smart Pad is a Wide and Very Slim Tablet

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Fujitsu Smart Pad is a new tablet concept, with a slim design and a wide display. You can carry it around with ease, since it’s so thin and light that it will fit any laptop bag or backpack. The exterior shell is made from plastic that mixes very well with the glass screen.

The design reminds me of an older PSP tablet concept and that cylindrical thingie it has on the side makes me think of a rollable display. I’m guessing that this tablet is at least 9.7 inches in screen diagonal and I’m sure there’s a camera at the back. 16GB of memory and WiFi are also pretty much certainty on this slate concept.

The battery life is something to wonder about, since this unit is so thin. This design was created by Pierre Stadelmann from France.

[via Design Buzz]