Alienware Atlantis is a Badass Flexible Gaming Phone

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While the idea of a flexible phone isn’t new, the idea of a flexible gaming phone is a bit of an odd duck. Flexibility means sacrifice, while gaming means going all out. This didn’t discourage Abhishek Yenji from envisioning a great looking Alienware concept smartphone.

The full name of the device is Alienware Atlanta 01 and it’s supposed to reshape the entertainment experience. It’s got a curved and ergonomic body, improved grip and it’s meant to feel similar to a controller. It has a curved screen, that’s supposed to help with our VR experience and the immersivity of the gaming experience. Side buttons will switch functions depending on the game you’re playing.

Special LED strips will activate just like the special AlienFX gaming light system. The handset features an 18:9 Curved OLED screen panel, 2 front facing speakers, a fingerprint scanner and VR enabled 21 megapixel cameras. There’s also 4 additional keys, to assign special functions to. And I know you have questions about the materials: space grade aluminum, RXF1 plastic and sapphire glass crystal.

Chamfered corners and straight edges are all part of the experience. If there’s anyone that could this off, it’s probably Alienware.

[via Yanko Design]

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