Two PSP Phone Concepts – Touchscreen is the Key Word

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Browsing through the archive of the Esato board concepts, I’ve stumbled upon two hot PSP Phone designs that impressed me. They have quite a lot in common, starting from the color and the fact that they include touchscreen displays.

The first concept belongs to Sealover and it’s a dual sliding device with a 3.2 megapixel camera. It features two analog joysticks and is quite the looker, as you can see for yourself:


The second PSP Phone, pictured below is the creation of pavlov’s_dog and reminds me of an XPERIA handset. This also seems to be a dual sliding device, with a touchscreen, simple interface and as far as I can see no analog joystick. Also the gaming keys are extremely small, but this is an old concept after all…


[via Esato]