Nokia’s Music Almighty Headset Design Competition – Make Your Own Concept Headset!

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With the motto “You design it. We’ll make it.” Nokia started a design competition featuring the craziest headset designs ever. Each of these brilliant concepts is inspired by a certain artist and song. The public can award stars to the best designs and the top 10 concepts will make the final and will be judged by music and design experts.

We toyed with the online tool that allows you to create your own headset and the results can be seen in the image below (the concept on the upper left side was submitted by us to the official contest):


The top 5 winners will have the chance of travelling to the UK and seeing the concepts turning into real life products. Remember that the deadline for the contest is 31.12.2008. So, long story short, here’s a concept headset that goes by the name of Elektro and is inspired by “Ossy Osborne” and the track “Paranoid”.


The second design has the title “pussy_cat” and it’s inspired by Gwen Stefani and the track “What You Waiting For”, while the third bears the title “Blazing” and it’s inspired by Nelly and the song “It’s Getting’ Hot in Here”.



Design number four rocks out loud, with the title “Hard Rock” and inspired by the artist “Shahood” and track “50 Cent”. Finally, Avril Lavigne got a concept headset inspired by her track “Girlfriend” and with the title “Pink Rock”.