Razer Tarox is the Gaming Phone That Razer Should Have Made

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Designer Mladen Milic is specialized in rendering gaming phones, usually ASUS concept phones, which are better looking than the high end smartphones that ASUS or Acer have proposed over the past years. Now he tackles the Razer Phone with a whole new vision.

The designer claims that he expected much more from Razer and their first gaming phone. He wanted more risk taking and experimentation, but the company played it safe. Now Mladen makes up for that with the Razer Tarox gaming concept phone. For now all we have is the render above, just a teaser of what’s t come. The finished product will come later on.

We feel the need to ask you lovely readers and viewers to say what you expected from the Razer Phone and if it fits your vision or not. Now let’s analyze the teaser. The first vibe I got when seeing the profile of the phone was “Lumia 800” or Nokia 9. We have those elongated buttons and a body that feels made of polycarbonate at first sight.

I see that this is quite a long phone, perhaps also narrow and certainly sporting the best of the best in specs, maybe stuff like Snapdragon 845, 8 GB of RAM and a beefed up GPU. AR and VR should be here, plus a dual camera and maybe some sort of TrueDepth sensor for Kinect-style gaming. I’d also see some modularity at the top and bottom for joysticks.

We’ll see once it’s finished!

[via Mladen Milic]

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