WOOGA Concept Gaming Device Integrates Your Regular Smartphone

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How about taking fun on the road? Designer Antoine Brieux created a concept gaming device that’s able to integrate a smartphone and provide some extra functionality for productivity freaks. The device is known as the WOOGA and it gets pictured in the following images.


The portable console WOOGA includes a special space that hosts your phone thanks to a bunch of keeping parts. The handset will communicate wit h this device, perhaps via Bluetooth, but what we know for sure is that this console wannabe can be used in a game configuration, as seen in the images below.

There’s also a more smartphone-like configuration, that makes the device look more like a netbook than a console. WOOGA incorporates stereo speakers, an automatic lock system, a large keyboard and a Li-Ion battery on the netbook side. On the exterior gaming side, you’ll find configurable game buttons, a directional pad, a rubber handgrip and a 3.5mm audio jack.






[Thanks Antoine]