This Budget Phone Industrial Design Project Feels Like a Great Approach for Android One

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Seriously, go click Jonas Kvale’s name, since he has designed some kickass phones over the past months. He usually dabbles in Lumias and some Android models, but today the US designer is tackling budget phones. Even if they cost less, that doesn’t meant they shouldn’t be good looking, right?

Budget Android concept phone USB type c 1

Well, Jonas envisioned a budget Android smartphone with a 5 inch screen and USB Type C port, as well as a soft touch back. The back feels like it’s made of polycarbonate and the body is a bit of a wraparound affair, although I seem to spot a metal frame in the mix. This 5 incher has a slightly protruding 8 megapixel camera, with a single LED flash and its screen “dissolves” within the front panel for an edge to edge effect.

Budget Android concept phone USB type c 2

The lower part of the device reminds me a bit of an iPhone and the slight slopes of the edges make me think of an iPad. USB Type C is a feature reserved to higher end models right now and not even all of them, since the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ don’t have it for example. It will take at least one or two years till lower end handsets also adopt this type of port.

Budget Android concept phone USB type c 3

Budget Android concept phone USB type c 4

[via Behance]

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