Google Pixel 2 Teaser is a Whole Lotta Mystery (Video)

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I’m sure that by now you all know Concept Creator, the numero uno designer when it comes to making, making, making concepts. Obsessively, incessantly, he’s there. And this time he proposes a Google Pixel 2 concept, teased in the video below.

With some ominous Godzilla-worthy music in the background, the designer opts for duality this time. He seems to deliver a Google Pixel 2 with a dual back camera AND a dual front camera. I guess the designer assumes this dual cam idea worked fine for Oppo and Vivo, so why not Google? After all HTC (if they’re making the phone) had a dual camera smartphone many years ago.

Judging by the few glimpses at the Pixel 2, I’d say we’re getting 2.5D glass panels at the front and back, a sturdy and slim metal frame and a bigger diagonal maybe. I have a feeling that Google may even include an iris scanner here. Judging by the latest Concept Creator releases, he should be back in a few days with the finalized machine.

[via Concept Creator]

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