Google Pixel 4 Rendered by Albama Fadhal, With Focus on New Colors

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Guess what? The Pixel 3 has barely been launched, but the first Google Pixel 4 renders are in the house. They have been envisioned by designer Albama Fadhal, who offers us new colors for the 2019 Pixel phone.

We see here a typical black/gray approach, with two front speakers and also the front cameras being moved to the side I can’t quite state that we get a notch or not. However, the other models are very colorful by Pixel standard, with a pale rouge, a sort of orange, green and light blue. I’m not sure that Google will go for these light skinned colors, that don’t exude personality.

On the other hand a too vivid color is too playful and glossy and makes things toy-like. A matte case and a vivid color sounds like a nice approach, I’d say. It’s hard to come up with a colorful phone that looks badass, serious and also stays slightly playful and appealing. One of the main things that big companies want to avoid is mimicking polycarbonate texture.

Anyone dare dream up some specs for Pixel 4?

[via Albama Fadhal]

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