Google Pixel Headphones Concept Rival the AirPods Max

Even though Google got into headphones, with the Pixel Buds, they have yet to go all out with a pair of over ear headphones, like Apple did. And I’m not even talking about the Beats headphones, but rather the AirPods Max. Now we have a rival, through a concept called Google Pixel Headphones, created by designer Usef Hussain.

At first sight, the black version of the headphones feels like we had two Chromecasts attached to a band. The ear cups are touch sensitive and we have an USB-C port used to charge the device. There’s also quite a bit of similarity with the AirPods Max design, byt he way. I actually like the white/gray version better, which mimics the aesthetics of a Google Nest Hub, Google Home, while the green one looks and feels like a cheaper Skullcandy pair of sorts.

The design is pretty classic, barebones with a slim headrest, also a padded one. Notce that the earcups have textile material, fabric on top, with the letters L and R embroidered inside the cups. We also get metal sliders that offer improved height adjustment, but may increase the weight of the device. We also get a single button on the top of the left earcup for the Power and the touch sensitive thing feels a bit vague and I’d prefer physical controls honestly.

No sliders, please, they’re annoying. There’s also a pink version, which I actually enjoy, with a touch of orange in the mix. The color combos are taken from the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. ANC should be here, plus a transparency mode and I can’t quite understand why we also have slits on the sides. All in all it’s a product that would succeed with the proper battery life.

Via Yanko Design

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