5 Top VPN Alternative Solutions for Small Businesses

VPNs are a must-have for people who are looking to protect their online privacy and security. But, they are often expensive for small businesses to manage. A Virtual Private Network is a solution for people who need to access a remote network from their computer. However, other options are available that provide similar privacy and security benefits for a more reasonable price. 

The need for a “VPN alternative” has become more urgent now that we’re living in an age where remote workspace is becoming a preferred mode of working. With the recent revolutions in the workspace environment, sensitive data in a remote workplace can be a target for hackers and scammers.

 If you are stepping into the corporate world with limited resources, there are plenty of budget-friendly alternatives that can help you accomplish the same level of privacy as using a VPN. Here are the top 5 VPN alternatives for small businesses that you must check out.

Zero Trust Security Networks

The most advanced and innovative VPN alternative solutions involve Zero Trust Security infrastructure. At the heart of the Zero Trust Security model is the idea of trusting no one. This model is based on the assumption that any file, email, or message within an organization’s network can be altered and a malicious actor may try to steal sensitive information.

The main idea behind this model is to encrypt and secure all information flows so that no one can access them without permission. The Zero Trust Security model has many benefits such as increased productivity, better collaboration, and improved customer experience.

Zero trust architectures are a necessary part of the future for information security. However, there is no standard protocol or procedure for implementing them. This means that each organization must create its own set of guidelines to achieve the Zero Trust approach. Nevertheless, various protocols to execute Zero Trust Model are emerging that are supposed to be the standards for the future. Let’s dive into a few of them. 

Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 enables organizations to easily create, manage and secure their custom and multi-regional networks that interconnect to their on-premises or cloud environments. Perimeter 81 offers a robust suite of features that include mobility, a comprehensive set of networking services, cost management, and more. A software-defined perimeter architecture makes Perimeter 81’s service work better. 

The platform has proven to be more secure, has a flexible onboarding process, and remains compatible with cloud infrastructure providers. Perimeter 81’s Zero Trust Secure Network as a Service offers a secure network with the visibility to see exactly who is accessing the network and what they are doing. It makes it so easy for companies to deploy in just minutes, without any staff required.


Twingate is a cloud-based service that allows IT teams to configure a software-defined perimeter for their resources without the need to make any infrastructure changes. With Twingate, you can centralize security policies with ease. It is a revolutionary cybersecurity product that allows an organization to completely hide its network from the external Internet. 

This framework provides defense in depth by incorporating resource-level access control, which prevents hackers from ever gaining access to the internal network. Twingate’s network is capable of splitting up internet traffic, preventing latency, and providing a more stable environment for any network applications. 

Cloudflare for Teams 

Traditional network-centric security is hard to manage, is expensive, and doesn’t scale. Cloudflare for Teams provides organizations with a global infrastructure for their devices, networks, and applications. This service has the potential to revolutionize how we think about securing our employees’ networks as it offers a single sign-on capability and risk-based security without the need to manage multiple firewalls or VPNs.

Cloudflare for Teams is a secure and private network that offers zero-trust access to all applications in the organization. It means that your team can now have access to all of Cloudflare’s features without having to manage a separate account or install any software on their local machine. It ensures that no one can hack into your systems or steal your data, even if they have direct access to the internet.

It allows companies to have control over their content distribution network. This means that they can create rules for their websites without having to rely on third-party services like Facebook, Twitter, or Google. This helps them save time and money while still providing security and performance benefits to their website.

Zscaler Private Access

A company called Zscaler offers a SaaS service called Private Access, or ZPA (Zscaler Private Access). It allows companies to control access to their applications and data regardless of the platform in use. 

Using the ZPA service, businesses can connect their applications to users and improve their overall experience for them. This allows for an inside-out approach, with data being sent from a company to their users that are created manually on the other end. ZPA helps companies execute successful digital marketing campaigns and grow their business without stretching IT infrastructure or hiring more staff.


VPNs have proven a reliable tool for connecting to remote networks. They are considered secure, but their high cost of service and limited functionality has limited the VPN industry. TeamViewer (TV) is a new alternative that promises to offer these same benefits at a lower cost, without sacrificing security or functionality. It is a remote support tool that you can use to connect to multiple devices or servers at the same time, maximizing connection speed by streaming only the information required.


When it comes to protecting your data online, the best bet is to use a VPN. VPNs encrypt your Internet traffic, which keeps you safe from prying eyes and identity thieves. Unfortunately, VPNs can be expensive. To make sure your data is safe, you need VPN alternatives that have strong encryption whille also being economical. If you’re looking for a VPN alternative to provide your small business with an extra level of security, you’re in luck. You can invest in any VPN alternatives mentioned above that are not only affordable but effective as well. 

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