Google Pixel Slate Images Leaked, With Keyboard Included

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In a matter of hours Google is going to unveil its hyped and oft leaked Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL handsets and with them a range of new products. We’ll see Chromecasts, Google Home devices, Chrome OS tablets and maybe also a Pixelbook. Among them there’s also the Google Pixel Slate, which has just leaked by Mysmartprice.

This will be one of the few Chrome OS tablets on the market and it’s going to feature a capacitive stylus, stereo speakers, as well as a detachable keyboard. It comes with an USB Type-C port and should play nicely with Android apps. The Pixel Slate has also been known under the codename “Nocturne” and it’s going to go against the Surface Pro lineup of products, which was recently updated.

It’ll come in dark blue and feature an aspect ratio of 3:2. The keyboard is a bit odd for me, with very rounded keys, that mimic the latest trends in virtual keyboards. It has a numeric row and a touchpad. The connection to the tablet happens via pogo pins. I expect an ARM CPU inside or maybe a low power Intel CPU. Google must be very careful with the pricing here, since $500 would be too much for this.

If they go closer to $300, they may have a winner. I’m also very curious who the OEM is here… ASUS, HTC, HP?

[via mysmartprice]

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