Last Nexus Phone Rendered by StonGreen

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With all the recent rumors of Google giving up the Nexus series, I have the feeling that the Nexus 6 is going to be the last Nexus. That’s why all concepts related to it may indicate us the way the last Google Phone ever will look like. And I’d be very happy if it looked like this:


Deviantart user StonGreen, who created the stunning smartwatch concept here came up with this handset, that’s very slim and totally rectangular. There’s a slight Sony vibe emanating from this design and as you can see, this is one Android phone with big icons, edge to edge display and a camera button on the lower right edge.


The Google phone render is rather elongated and less wide, but I really can’t spot a front camera here. The side buttons are very discrete, particularly the On/Off one, that’s Sony all the way to me. Even the designer quotes Apple and Sony as inspiration and by the way, this concept was done in Cinema 4D. My main problem here is the fact we have too many sharp edges for this device to fell comfy next to the user’s face…


[via Deviantart]

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