Android G0 Concept Phone Gets Pictured Again

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We’ve let you know as soon as we stumbled upon the superb Android G0 concept phone, created by Tryi Yeh and now the folks of Yanko Design have found a couple of new images with the handset. We notice that some of them picture the device “live”, which is the neat illusion we’re all looking for.


Android G0 comes with Google Chrome, a flexible OLED touchscreen, a camera and an LED on the back side, showing its operating status. There’s also a sliding part with multifunctional keys, ready to operate, as you as you feel the urge to play a game, watch a video, listen to music and what not.

Once again, Tryi Yeh, you did an excellent job and I would have a hard time choosing HTC Hero over this!




[via Yanko Design]